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We often get asked "should we have a facebook page" and we always answer the same - only if you have some relevant content that suits it. For us, we're using it to dribble work in progress and build links with student talent. You can visit it here.


yourprojector Lots of progress in the new studio this week. 4 weeks and counting until completion. #renovation #newhome...
about 4 hours ago

yourprojector Friday afternoon look and feel presentation. #friday #friyay #design #brand #storytelling #creative
3:56 PM Feb 26th

yourprojector Good first meeting today with a new client. And her pooch! #exciting #pooch #roadtrip #york #brand #woofwoof
9:38 PM Feb 4th

yourprojector Client conference. #tp #tpconf #roadtrip #eventdesign
11:35 AM Jan 28th

yourprojector Can any of you nice folk recommend someone to help us set up a Mac OSX Server in our studio? We want to manage updates and emails etc. Ta!
8:10 PM Jan 25th

yourprojector A few pics from the studio secret Santa!
3:46 PM Dec 18th