We'd like to introduce ourselves


We're Projector, an award-winning brand consultancy based in Newcastle upon Tyne. We are a team of like-minded communication specialists with big agency backgrounds, but without the big agency egos. We offer our growing list of clients a comprehensive range of services to support, create or refocus their brand strategy and communications.

If you want to talk to the world, you can't simply walk up and tap it on the shoulder and ask it to listen.

As a Brand Design Agency we have spent the last decade delivering strategic creative work that communicates and engages. Our approach is simple - we help businesses to speak persuasively because we give their audiences compelling reasons to listen. We believe that good creative work is rooted in good strategic creative thinking.

We may look too young to be in our tenth year of trading – time does fly when you're having fun – but we've picked up some wisdom along the way. It's shaped the business we are today – a straight-talking consultancy that values down-to-earth relationships. We're not big on ad-speak or into pseudo-marketing babble; nor do we think the fundamental elements of a good brand strategy are pretty pictures. If that's your thing, then sorry, we won't be the brand design agency for you.

It goes without saying that we are great believers in big ideas. And we've come up with a good few over the years. The real reward is seeing effective results for our clients. OK, and the odd award from our peers has been gratifying, too.

As a team we have experience of working with brand managers and marketing executives for the likes of Top 100 companies and international banks, as well as personnel from non-marketing environments. Whatever your business or background, we only have one criterion – so long as you're passionate about what you do, we'll get on great.

Creating lasting impressions

If you've got this far, then you probably recognise that a ‘brand' is the physical and emotional experience that people get from coming into contact with your organisation at every level. It might be seeing your logo or reading your literature. It could be a visit to your office in the real world or your website in the digital one. It might simply be the manner in which their call is handled when they ring you up. All create an impression. It's our role to help you ensure that it's the right impression.

To help achieve that for our clients we think in terms of brand issues rather than specific disciplines, which is why we're not interested in classifying ourselves under a restrictive label such as ‘Design Agency'. We offer our clients too wide a range of services for that. However, over the years, we've come to realise that our services can be largely broken down into three areas – brand consultancy, brand management and brand communications. Yet the common link is that we apply the same fundamental thinking to each. Thinking that enables us to get under the skin of your business, so that we can find that meaningful difference, that added substance, that extra credibility and that true character of your brand. Then we project it.

Basically, that is what we do at Projector. We come up with ideas that leave lasting impressions. Each one tells a story. Our secret is that it's a story your audience wants to hear, engages with and responds to. But first we'd like to make an impression on you.

Unambiguous approach

Whatever assignment we undertake with a client, we work on either a retained service or on a project-to-project basis. Whichever it is, we work quickly to comprehend your needs and those of your organisation, which will involve understanding your KPIs and measurement tools. It's a clear, commercial approach that works for us and appeals to our clients, many of whom have been with us from the early days or come on board via word of mouth. We must be doing something right as our client list is now an attractive shade of blue chip.

Our approach to every project is broken down into four phases.

Step 1 – Understand

We believe you can't produce a satisfactory solution without fully understanding the client, their business, their market and their competition. So, firstly we listen. Then we ask questions. We take the time to go into what makes a client's business tick, whether we are tackling a complete branding project or simply creating a piece of literature to support your brand.

Step 2 - Unearth

With refined-down, background knowledge in place we have a framework for the project in hand. We analyse the gathered information. Then we apply creative and strategic thinking. At this vital stage we can start unearthing distinctive ideas about your business that will allow us to create that meaningful difference and meet the goals set out in the pre-agreed brief.

Step 3 - Unhindered

Great ideas spring from a combination of the right information, the right conditions allied to the right mindset. Uncluttered thought processes. We encourage a freedom of expression that allows us to be more innovative – to come up with creative answers that will lead to lasting impressions.

Step 4 – Under Control

The process is always ongoing. Every stage is carefully monitored, managed and assessed. This control applies to costs and working within budgets and timescales. Keeping a tight grip on the whole project underpins our approach, from start to finish.


We could talk all day about branding - and mostly we do. But to get a quick run down of our thinking you can read our expert views, opinion and insight into the issues and challenges of brand strategy, design, customer enagagement and messaging online. Take a look here.

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