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6 ways to increase your brand’s love.

With St Valentine’s day just around the corner, we thought we’d show you how you can increase your appeal. Although bold, we really want to talk to you about love – and help you get some. Our infographic below is designed to show you how. If you need some help putting it in to practice … More.


New year, new you?


Don’t worry, we’re not trying to sell you gym membership, or tempt you with offers on a range of lotions and potions. What we’d like you to consider is your brand’s core messaging. That’s the language you use to describe your reason for existence and help sell your wares. We know so many businesses develop … More.


To brand or not to brand?

Brick types

Probably due to the fact we work with some clever, energetic managers and entrepreneurs, they are full of new business ideas that often present themselves as potential brand extensions. Sometimes, this makes perfect sense. But sometimes adding something new to something old has risks – which we point out, as part of our brand consultancy … More.


3 of the Best – part 2


Continuing our insight into the Projector teams favourite brands; next up is Glen who lets us know why Coca Cola is one of his favourites: Coca Cola is the most recognised brand in the world, 94% of the world’s population are familiar with it and it’s the most widely recognised word after “OK”. Although John … More.


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Projector_Glen @Colly622 One of the best knocks ever! #ashes
11:53 AM May 16th

yourprojector We are currently on the look out for an experienced creative to join our studio. If that could be you, or you...
2:39 PM Jan 23rd

yourprojector Great to see our latest project for @statexcolourprint being delivered. #print #graphicdesign #calendar2017
12:39 PM Jan 10th

yourprojector RT @statexprint: Show us your best shots! #photofinish #Rio2016 #printrun
12:32 PM Aug 11th

yourprojector RT @statexprint: Great photo @unionroom. Enjoy!
12:32 PM Aug 11th

yourprojector Great :)
12:32 PM Aug 11th

yourprojector Really pleased to see the job we did for @statexprint is sweeping the boards. We may be in for a medal or two ourselves. #photofinish
12:32 PM Aug 11th

yourprojector Sun out. Shutters up. Doors open.
8:26 AM Apr 28th

yourprojector Finally we have a landline again. You can call us, but more important than that we can call Liz and wish her all...
10:46 AM Apr 21st

yourprojector Really good of Tim Peake to post this photo of our new studio taken from space. Thanks Tim #downthereontheleft...
6:47 AM Apr 19th