Brand Consultancy

Brand Research and Strategy, Marketing Strategy and Creative Consultancy. Brand Positioning and Image. Vision and Values. Brand Personality and Naming.

Some important questions we need to ask. Are you forming a new brand, or rebranding an existing business for a new market or goal? Has your business developed out of sync with your brand and core messages? Or do you simply want to know what your customers really think?

If the answer is an unequivocal "yes" to any of the above questions we would suggest a Brand Consultancy approach that reviews your brand positioning. This is where we use customer research, client knowledge and objectives to clearly define a brand strategy.

Usually - but not always - this will take the form of interviews and group research to help define and articulate a set of core messages and values. When these core messages and values are mutually agreed, we look at the impact of these on the role of the creative work and the mediums used to engage your audience.

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