Don’t be jel, be reem: ITV rebrand thoughts.

15th January 2013

As you’ll no doubt have seen ITV (or should that be itv?) have rebranded. It’s been met with a fair bit of criticism in the creative community so I thought I’d add my two penneth…

Firstly, as someone who does this for a living I always go to great lengths to say you need a little time to live with a rebrand before you can tell how successful a process it’s been, after all, we’re reacting to the change at the moment. But you still get your initial reaction, that instinct if you like, and mine was positive I have to admit. I’ve not seen the brief, but from the final execution I can only assume that the objective was to create a more accessible identity, one which was more reflective of the programming now (Take me out, X-Factor and the other mainstream ‘entertainment’ shows the station is recognised for). So, in that case, overall I think it fits where the station is on it’s journey and where it’s probably headed.

From a creative point of view I think some executions work better than others, CITV looks very comfortable, whereas ITV News looks quite awkward, but I like the way the colours work and the idents look good. I have to admit to sneering slightly at their naming of the corporate font though: Reem. Again, I recognise it’s probably meant to be entertaining, and where it’s come from (although I’m not an avid viewer!) but I’m not sure it pokes a bit too much fun of what is still a huge corporation – and how that font and name survives a life after TOWIE’s death, only time will tell.