Moving with the times.

25th February 2014

Last week saw us move into our third studio in ten years. And take it from us, it doesn’t get any easier with time or practice!

Maybe it’s because of all the lovely ‘stuff’ we’ve managed to collect, or our inability to throw anything made from paper in the bin, but we seemed to pack and unpack a lot of boxes in three days. Our new space has a lot in common with the last, high ceilings, wooden beams and lot more original features including some amazing North Lights – a hangover from the old Pottery Design studios that were originally here. It’s good to know that the room is still being used for it’s original purpose of design – although the output is a little different these days. We’re still sharing space, tea bags and ideas daily with the guys at Union Room too.

In terms of location, we haven’t moved far, about 100 metres to be precise. Nonetheless, it was a great excuse to look at our set up – both physical and digital – and try and find a better way of working – as is always the case when you get these fresh starts. It’s early days, but the new environment is working well and we’re all settling in nicely, so if you’re passing feel free to call in.

All of our contact details are the same, but if you come to visit, you’ll be pleased to hear we’re now in Studio 5 – a lot nearer the car park.