Monday Roundup – 16th November 2015

16th November 2015

As a Brand Communications Agency in Newcastle upon Tyne we like to keep on top of the happenings in the wider design world. A lot can happen in one week – here’s our roundup of some of the stories that have caught our eye over the last seven days.

BBC Store Launch

The BBC has launched ’BBC Store’ online, where people can buy and download programmes from the history of the broadcaster.

Running alongside it’s sister BBC iPlayer service the BBC Store will make content, that is no longer free on the former, available to download and keep at a cost.

Creative agency 101 worked on the brand proposition and aesthetics of the new online offering which have been sympathetically designed to sit alongside and compliment the iPlayer service. Using the same Frutiger typeface and leaning on the ‘making the unmissable, unmissable’ strapline with ‘making the unmissable, ownable’, the service has been set apart with the use of a light blue highlight colour and the site design has a simplified, more commercial look and feel.

Wether the new offering will prove successful commercially when competitors such as streaming service Netflix have subscription price plans at a fraction of the cost will be interesting to see. The quality and originality of content available might just tempt people to put their hands in their pockets.

Eurosport Rebrand

The Eurosport channel has updated its identity – the Discovery Channel owned brand has been brought up to date, loosing it’s ‘ring of stars’ graphic and italicised lettering.

A bold, more refined logo has been created to mark a new direction for the channel which hopes to engage fans better, with a #sharemypassion social media campaign and a shift in production values to tell sport stories in a more innovative way. The new approach hopes to relate to fans better and build on their passion for sport.

The refreshed look was revealed on Friday following the channels acquisition of broadcast rights to a number of sporting events.