Peter Jones Enterprise Challenge

16th July 2010

Happiest of funday fridays to all readers,

We’d just like to let you know that Jamie of Bespoke Radio, has been accepted into the final 10 of gigantic tall man business supremo Peter Jones’s Enterprise Challenge. This is a thoroughly great piece of news, as Jamie has the chance to win a £10,000 cash injection into his business, and in addition to this, 10 hours worth of Legal, Accountancy aid, International Trading top tips, PR Guru support and HR recommendations from leading companies.

Congratulations Jamie! 

You can find out more tit bits of information on the competition here.

Projector are currently: 1 hour away from the weekend. Our weekend activities vary. The Open at St. Andrews, Wallpapering a Guest Room, “not a lot” and going to see Inception. Have a good one!