Report Book Identity – Final Logo

6th May 2011

After meeting with Union Room and discussing the logo options which we came up with, we have the selected option. Above is the final logo for Report Book, which we introduced in our previous blog post. The final logo positions itself as a visual marker for the brand’s core values, easy, quick and clever. The graphic shapes give you a strong feeling of momentum due to the arrow/pencil shape, as well as their overlapping nature (quick/easy). The colour palette used is fresh and modern, using a wide variety of colours to bring the marque to life. The breadth of colour is used to give various products of Report Book their own identity, allowing easy recognition. The use of a timeless sans-serif gives an overall feel of that of a friendly, front-running technology company (clever).

What do you guys think? We’re very happy with the end result, as are our friends Union Room. Projector are currently: Cramming 5 days into 4!