Report Book Identity

4th May 2011

We’ve been working closely with our sister company Union Room on an exciting interactive project. Report Book is a newly developed online reports system for schools. We were tasked with developing an identity system for the brand which would then be applied to the overall look and feel of Union Room’s website for Report Book. We thought we’d show you how it’s progressing so far and our final selection options…

Option 1. A visual pun on report book, cropping closely in on an angled book, to reveal a marking tick. Accompanied by an approachable rounded sans serif.

Option 2. We focused in on the easy to use nature of the service, providing quick, paperless access to student reports at the “touch of a button”.

Option 3. The focus of option 3 is to promote the quick, technological aspect of the service asserting the cleverness of the system. Momentum is garnered in the marque by the use of overlapping flying arrows, all pointing in one unanimous direction…Report Book.

Option 4. This is an abstract representation of the paper reports that /parents/students are used to. Momentum is hinted at in the marque and the type giving a feeling that all reports are easily accessed.

Option 5. The negative space of the leg of the k allowed for us to position a mouse pointer denoting the online nature of the report book service and also highlighting it as the first place to go for online school reporting.

We have our favourite, but what do you think?

Projector are currently: Back in the swing of things! Yeah!