Top 10 Commemorative items.

21st April 2011

What with the recent deluge of delightful Royal Wedding memorabilia including todays release of the Royal Mail stamps (the couple photographed by Mario Testino), commemorating the lawful union of Wills and Kate, we thought we’d construct a blog post. Below are our favourite items commemorating a range of past events and people. We’ve found some absolute corkers, some ironic and some entirely serious.

1. Item No.1 Nick and David Cameron almost dancing cheek to cheek on this Coalition commemorative mug.

2. From KK outlet, you can get your hands on some very modern alternative Royal Wedding plates.

3. If seeing the happy couple tying the knot fills you with a rising feeling of nausea, then look no further than Lydia Leith’s Royal Wedding Sick Bags. Great idea.

4. Love cress? Love clay busts? Love hope, freedom, America and  Barack Obama? If you’ve answered yes to the previous questions, cast your eyes downwards to the answer to all of your prayers. The Barack Obama commemorative 44th President “Chia Pet”.

5. Look back to the previous Pope’s reign and tap him gently on the head with this commemorative Pope John Paul II bobblehead.

6. Moving into the realms of popular science-fiction, perhaps you’d like to put serve your food from a celestial portrait of a smiling Jean Luc Picard to commemorate a fine series of episodes.

7. Following multiple title wins, Roger Federer’s female fans have decided to commemorate him, encapsulating all of his glory inside a very tacky keyring.

8. You have the ears of Prince Charles, the questionably outspoken nature of Prince Philip and the cringeworthy balladry of Elton John. Who’s better? Hmmm? Well…there’s only one way to find out! Royal Wedding Top trumps.

9. This commemorative coin has really captured the likeness and beauty of Kate Middleton.

10. If you feel like your regular pound/dollar notes aren’t working out for you and looking at Stephenson, Elgar and the Queen or George Washington and Benjamin Franklin has become unbearably boring then shove your wallet full of Michael Jackson £1000000 notes.

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