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True Potential Investor represents a new and exciting evolution in direct investing; bridging the gap between advised and self-directed investing by offering more control to clients whilst still giving information and support to those who need it. Existing clients benefit from the same planning tools and professionally managed funds that 1 in 5 UK advisers use to manage their clients’ investments, giving them the inside track to saving.


We were tasked with launching the brand directly to the consumer. We were responsible for creating the ‘big idea’ that would act as a springboard for all advertising and marketing communications across a range of media. The new brand needed to differentiate itself from the competition whilst also offering the consumer the security and confidence of market leading brands. Therefore our first step was to gather research through focus groups to uncover attitudes, perceptions and needs of the brand before working with the client on the proposition.


We hooked into the ongoing savings gap issue effecting Britain and created the advertising campaign ‘Change the way you save’ which focuses on the need to use goal based saving rather than saving for 'a rainy day'. The engaging launch campaign resulted in just under two million pounds being invested with True Potential Investor to date. Brand awareness was built through memorable ads and unique placement and topical headlines were used online to drive traffic to the investment platform - which was built in-house by the client. Recently True Potential Investor took top prize in the "Best D2C Platform" category at the Professional Adviser awards.

Client Comment

"Selling direct to investors was something new for us. With recent regulatory changes however we knew there was an immediate need for our products and services within the consumer market and that we needed to move fast to stay ahead of the competition. We engaged the team at Projector very early on and they helped us pull together a range of experts for the project that helped shape our final output. They created an idea to help make the most of our marketing proposition and delivered an integrated launch campaign across a range of traditional and online media as well as support the PR Strategy"

Leigh-Anne Basaraba
Head of Group Marketing

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