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As the UK’s first designated Low Carbon Economic Area (LCEA), North East England has a firm commitment to the introduction and adoption of electric vehicles and other low carbon vehicle technology such as hydrogen and related technology including electrical networks. The region’s significant industry expertise and excellence in research and manufacturing is positioning the area as an influential centre for low carbon business success.


The LCV Partnership required us to run investigative workshops and interviews of the region’s LCV knowledge pool prior to the creation of a brand name, brand identity, visual style and supporting marketing comms, aimed at national and international businesses, which identified the North East of England as the leading region for the low carbon sector. In addition, the project developed sub-brands for the region’s Training and Skills offering as well as the LCV Test Track facility which will all leverage the core-brand.


The brand identity and core messaging developed were first used to make a successful presentation to Central Government for Regional Growth Fund backing. The new brand identity and visual style met with a resounding seal of approval and on the back of this the marketing material is currently being rolled out at exhibitions and seminars across the globe to raise awareness of our region and this new automotive specialism.

Client Comment

"I have worked with Projector for over ten years which alone is testament to the quality of their work. Throughout those years they have worked with me on a variety of diverse projects across a range of sectors including the arts, tourism, regeneration and now automotive. It was during the development of our company, Zero Carbon Futures, when Projector’s support was integral. They worked with us to define the vision for the company, supported us through the development of the company name, image and brand and have continued to develop corporate materials and communications with us as the business grows both here and overseas. Their work is always to the highest quality drawing on their creativity and enormous expertise and I know that I can absolutely rely on them to deliver however tight the deadlines. Most importantly for me though is that I really enjoy working with the team and see them as a natural extension to our company."

Anya Bramich
Marketing Manager

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