Project background

In the last ten years, True Potential has become a hugely successful brand in the financial space. They’ve developed strong products, built a platform that has added 8 billion pounds in just over 4 years and support over 20% of the UK’s financial advisors with their technology. But when they wanted to appeal to an audience who make decisions without a financial adviser, they realised it was out of their comfort zone and asked for our help. We worked with True Potential to help lift the bonnet on their new offer by running a series of branding workshops which helped the senior partners define a positioning model and audiences. The workshops and the creative development that followed helped us to build a mantra for the brand: Do more with your money. With the brand promise agreed, we worked side-by-side with the client to create a look and feel that brought it to life. We implemented a range of assets, including a front-end consumer website, a refresh of the communications journey and a range of creative treatments for a series of online campaigns designed to raise awareness and increase conversion.

Shortly after the relaunch, we experienced an increase in revenue and our conversion rates more than doubled. Our overall brand is now in line with our target market, which has seen more sales and transfers from more people, ranging from a first investment of £20 a month to people transferring their full pension pots to us.

Daniel Harrison

Chief Executive, True Potential LLP